Back in the 80s, the world presented itself as a challenge for a young businessman who embarked, full of illusion and optimism, in the leather fashion sector. Like any entrepreneur, it all started with a small workshop that little by little grew and found the loyalty of its customers. Over the years, the brand has gained recognition, identifying with the needs of the market and working to offer the best quality at competitive prices.

Leather Bag
Rosa Pino & Salva Alamar


Today, Rosa Pino and Salvador Alamar, the second generation of Monpiel, presents a timeless and careful product catalog that adapts to the daily life of a sophisticated and adventurous community: "A long history in the sector has allowed us to maintain quality standards in the manufacturing process, our leather craftsmen work day by day making each piece a unique and exclusive product".

Our designs are special and original, combining the highest quality natural leathers with the demanding fashion trends. Our inspiration? The motivation and curiosity of a team with a young spirit, which seeks day by day to offer leather accessories and accessories adapted to the current lifestyle and rhythm.