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Man Outlet

Welcome to our Outlet Men's section, where you'll find models from our line of wallets, belts, and various leather accessories with elegant designs and the highest quality leather. In addition, our collections are timeless, so you won't have to buy anything that's out of fashion or out of season. On the contrary, our Outlet section is designed to spoil and retain you. Don't let sales lead you to buy products that don't have the durability and personality of leather.

And because we want to spoil you, keep reading to find out what product categories you can find in our Men's Leather Accessories Outlet.

Men's wallet outlet

Your wallet says a lot about you. At Monpiel, we know this, which is why we present our outlet with products designed with the best leather, diverse colors, and space for everything you always carry with you.

The Monpiel wallets you can buy in our men's outlet are of the excellent quality you are accustomed to from all our accessories. Each of our products is durable, functional, and of course, chic.

If you like minimalist designs, you will love our American wallet models. If you prefer more rustic wallets with bold colors, you can opt for our wallets with a clasp, which have 6 card compartments, a double flap for bills, and a coin pocket. We have options for everyone!

Belt Sale

More than just a functional accessory, a good belt can be the star of your outfit and add a special touch to any look.

Monpiel belts are designed with the best quality leather, combined with buckles that provide style and personality.

Check out our Outlet for your ideal belt with fine finishes and genuine leather. They're not always available, so stay alert!

At Monpiel, you will also find belts for sporty or rustic styles, with different colors and combinations of leather with canvas, in the best polo style.

Like our wallets, our belts are designed to make you stand out, but above all, offer you comfort and confidence.

Looking for a gift for men? Look no further, in our outlet for them, you are sure to find it.

In this section, you can find original gifts and details for the special men in your life. You don't need any excuse to buy an authentic and original piece at the best price. Any day is a good day to give a gift at Monpiel Outlet for Men.

Another reason why we love leather accessories is that, in addition to a special color and appearance, they have a very distinctive smell. And our sense of smell brings back memories, evokes moments, and has the ability to transport us thousands of kilometers away. So when you give leather, you give a multisensory experience that can make someone remember you for a long time. Isn't that a gift worth giving? And now, thanks to our personalization option, all our accessories become unique pieces and an extra special element for the perfect gift.

Leather for the modern man

Don't miss out on the best deals and discounts on leather accessories for men in our outlet. However, hurry up, the offers are only available for a limited time or until stock runs out. At Monpiel Outlet, you will find a vast inventory of wallets, and occasionally belts, backpacks, and other leather accessories with personality and unique style.

If you can't find what you were looking for on sale now, bookmark us and come back soon because we are constantly updating the offers we bring to our customers.


Buying accessories made of leather online, not only the quality of the leather used is important but also the technique, metal materials used, closures, snaps, and any other aspect that influences the final finish. And of course, trusting the brand is crucial. This is something that Monpiel has in abundance, having been in the leather market for over 30 years, always ensuring that our customers are extremely satisfied.

In our Monpiel Outlet for men, as well as in any section of our store, you will find designs with impeccable finishes and optimal quality materials.

In addition, all aspects related to sales and shipping are carefully handled so that your purchases arrive in perfect condition and as soon as possible. Hurry before they run out!