All our products are handmade one by one in small craft workshops. We support local producers by generating fair and committed job opportunities. Each piece manufactured is unique and supports an ethical commitment, helping to maintain families in their day-to-day activities. We know that today we are not going to change the world, but it is a good start…

Pieles sostenibles


Being immersed in a manufacturing process, we know that the impact generated on the environment can be high, for this reason we are committed to keeping it as low as possible. All the materials used in the manufacture are carefully selected to reduce the environmental impact, so that we can always speak of "eco-friendly" productions. We use leathers from animals intended for human consumption with ecological and chrome-free dyes. Once again, we try to contribute our grain of sand to this society.

Currently we have our manufacturing spread over different workshops. All of them are perfectly audited and meet all quality standards, social commitment and good practices. Next, we tell you a little more about our production centers:

Leather goods tradition in the Sierra de Cádiz | SPAIN


Ubrique is a Spanish benchmark in leather crafts, which is why we couldn't find a better place to locate our workshops. We have worked hand in hand with craft workshops for more than 30 years. For us they are totally trustworthy people, our right hand to be able to launch collections year after year.

Ubrique y piel
Hormas en taller de calzado

Generations of shoemakers from Levante | SPAIN


From Elda to Alicante we find a large part of our shoe workshops. We really enjoy the production process, from the design that we do at home to the reception of the complete productions. Small workshops with trusted people who help us with everything we need. For us, shoes are a new world and we cannot stop learning.