At Monpiel we offer you the possibility of making your product unique. Personalize leather items with your initials and make them a special product.

Personalized leather bag

The perfect accessory for a woman is her bag. Our leather bags are unique in design and material. At Monpiel, we know that it is an essential basic in everyday life and that is why we like to make them even more special by adding a personal touch. Customize your leather bag to make it exclusive. It will be a total success!

Personalized leather wallet

There is nothing more elegant than personalized items engraved on leather. Now you can personalize your leather wallet by engraving your initials. Personalized men's wallets with initials are the perfect gift, making this male accessory original. Monpiel's personalized products are the perfect gift thanks to the quality of our product and the originality of the customization. Add sophistication to your leather wallet by engraving the initials with our technique of engraving on leather. These little details make your leather wallet stand out.

Leather card holder with initials

<All Come back ! And we want more and more comfort and exclusivity. For this reason, at Monpiel we have designed the best leather card holders with an exclusive design and the highest quality. You can find in the web a variety of designs tailored for him and her. Our personalized men's card holders are the perfect gift to give at any time. Like the personalized women's card holder, you will make her feel unique with this detail. Choose which color you want to use, are you more gold or silver? It is the last step to make it special.

Unique leather goods

Elevate your personalized leather accessories directly with us in a simple and practical way. The leather keychains personalized are a classic. This is a custom product that will never go out of style and that has that “je ne sais quoi” that makes it the perfect choice for both you and that special person in your life. Other leather items that are special to give away is the personalized men's toiletry bag with your initials. Making this accessory a unique and inimitable gift. Thanks to the touch of exclusivity provided by customization What better to make the person you give feel special than with a special personalization for him!

Personalized gifts engraved on leather

A gift chosen by you but also designed by you has a very special addition and I promise you it will not go unnoticed. It's the kind of thoughtful gift that will earn you a real thank you. And also thanks to the characteristics of the leather, which is resistant and durable, it is the classic gift that that person will appreciate forever. Follow the instructions on our website and get your personalized Monpiel to your liking!