We had been wanting to launch a project of these characteristics for a long time, and after a lot of work, we decided to launch ourselves into using our brand as a tool to promote local Indian crafts. We are going to tell you first-hand how our latest project came about, the most pampered of all of them... Salva and I (Rosa writes) are two passionate about India and have traveled to the country many times. Whenever we go we find new things, we make friends and we create a family, the relationship goes back years since Francisco Pino (my father) traveled to India in the 90s always looking for new experiences. Since I traveled for the first time, I fell in love with the Country, its people and the abrupt change in culture that is experienced there. It is a trip that makes you reflect and realize that you are privileged.

Salva In India

On our first trip together, Salva and I promised ourselves that we had to do something to contribute a grain of sand in that country and we began to investigate... we found many factories, people good and bad, with factories that exploit children and adults because we are not going to deceive you... in Asia there are many factories where children work... but those factories were not our thing, we were looking for more, we were looking for humanity, crafts and to be able to help with what we needed. Everything led us to find our place and to develop a product in the hands of artisans from the country who need this work to support their families. That is where the textile branch of MONPIEL was truly born.

The social impact behind our textile collection

Our mission is to give artisans work and help them support entire families. We want to show you that there is a lot of potential in countries like India. They know how to work, they work with quality, and that well-paid job in a dignified manner can feed an entire family. Feel proud to wear a MONPIEL garments, you are also collaborating with these families.

Workshop in india
Rural workshop

From the most rural areas to the first world

From the spinners to the person who finishes sewing the garment, passing through the embroiderers... all the people who touch the MONPIEL garments come from rural areas that, as you know, are always the areas most disadvantaged of underdeveloped countries.

Humanitarian cooperation

For quite some time, we have been great fans and followers of the “Missionaries of Charity” for those of you who do not know them, it is the order that created the Mother Saint Teresa of Calcutta. In all our trips to India we do not return without going to visit his house, we chat for a while with the sisters, we do a little meditation and we spend the afternoon with the children who thank us enormously. A percentage of all our “Made in India” textile garments will go to cooperation with the Missionaries of Charity.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

It was very difficult to find and set up workshops that were capable of meeting our quality standards along with a social, ethical and sustainable commitment. Finally, and after a lot of effort, we launched our first textile collection, and now more than ever we can continue to say that behind each Monpiel piece there is a story, a family and people who make each product by hand in a sustainable way.

Without a doubt, this is MONPIEL's most pampered project. It makes us extremely happy to know that you are there and that all our efforts are directed towards a good end. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your trust and support!