Are you looking for high-quality leather accessories with a Black Friday offer?

Then you have come to the right place! At Monpiel we celebrate Black Friday 2024 with a large selection of leather shoes, bagswallets and belts with incredible discounts. Do not miss this opportunity and take the opportunity to buy those shoes or that bag that you love so much! Become a smart-shopper and advance your Christmas shopping with our Black Friday sales.



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Black Friday 2024 is here, and at MONPIEL we make it easy for you to give or give yourself the coolest leather accessories at the best price.

Nothing better for your pocket than to anticipate this year's Christmas shopping. Especially if the list of special people who deserve a gift is long.Take advantage of our Black Friday offers on leather bags to buy online a gift of quality and design at a great price.

Each of the Monpiel pieces are made with the utmost care, paying attention to every single detail. Thanks to that, they offer you varied collections, made up of matching handbags, wallets and purses at amazing prices.

How could it be otherwise our leather bags sweep every Black Friday. Our unique designs and the unbeatable quality of our bags make them the protagonists of this time of black friday offers, along with wallets. Find the one that best suits your personality, as there will surely be one, and take advantage of the best prices to get a head start on your Christmas shopping.

What are you looking for this year? A black friday shopper bag, a mini bag, a classic bag, a more daring one...

Explore our black section and find yours. Of course, do not delay in making the purchase because as you already know on Black Friday things fly!

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This Black Friday, take advantage of our incredible black offers on leather shoes. Leather is a natural material that is characterised by its resistance and durability, so you should consider buying leather shoes as an investment, as you will be able to wear them for many years. They are also a more comfortable, stylish and sustainable option. The perfect members of a quality wardrobe. Take advantage of our offers and take home the most beautiful, comfortable and durable leather shoes at the best price.

When it comes to leather wallets, Monpiel is undoubtedly a benchmark. A place that has been earned thanks to more than 30 years specialising in quality leathers and careful attention to detail. Have you ever been able to see all the wallets in the men's wallet category? We have so many product pages that it's hard to see them all, and that's why we are number one. Not only do we have the best quality and design, but we have a lot of variety. And how could it be otherwise the wallets with black friday offer are not far behind.

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Find your new leather wallet for both men and women in this section and renew the one you are carrying right now, which is sure to benefit from a replacement. Make the most of the opportunity to buy for the holidays for your loved ones. Leather accessories are one of the best options you can make, they don't require a size so you avoid mistakes and they are a classic gift, one of those that always make you look good. Also this year remember that we have the option to personalise all your accessories.

Leather purse for men and women are a classic. You won't regret buying one, especially if you do it at the best price this Black Friday. Also this year remember that we have the option to personalise all your accessories.

Do you want a nice and quality leather belt? Look no further, at we are on Black Friday, you can get a great discount on all our leather accessories. The leather belt is the perfect accessory to complete all your looks.

Leather belts are a basic. You won't regret buying one, especially if you do it at the best price this Black Friday. Be sure to take advantage of our offers to get a head start on your Christmas shopping. What are you waiting for?

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Where does Black Friday come from?

Every year, on the fourth Friday in November, what is now popularly known as Black Friday is celebrated. This popular day is synonymous with shopping, and not just any shopping, but a lot of shopping. The adjective "black" in the American lexicon refers to misfortunes that have occurred throughout history. In fact, there are many theories as to where this peculiar and oft-repeated name might have come from. However, it tells us that the first time the term "Black Friday" was used was on 24 September 1869. Financiers James Fisk and Jay Gould attempted to take over the Wall Street gold market, but the market intervened in order to correct the market distortion and a crisis ensued. As a result, prices fell, and many suppliers lost significant fortunes. Since then, the day has been commemorated by lowering prices and inviting people to shop. This year, Monpiel is getting ready with some impact leather accessories for this Black Friday. Some that will be the perfect complement for every outfit and situation and, best of all, at crazy prices.