MONPIEL is a family business dedicated since its inception to the fashion and leather goods sector. In its catalog we can find leather bags, shoes, leather belts and other accessories... basic accessories for your day to day that will become a must in your wardrobe. At MONPIEL we have a premise, "the basics never die", which is why we offer quality, timeless accessories that are perfect for everyday use.

Sustainable manufacturing

We are socially committed from a social and environmental point of view. We use “eco-friendly” recycled materials and we work with small artisan workshops, generating decent and responsible job opportunities. We know that we are not going to change the world today, but we do our bit.

We make all our products in small artisan workshops. All of them are perfectly audited and meet all quality standards, social commitment and good practices. We support fair trade, dignifying the work of our artisans and promoting responsible management of natural resources.

Our Workshops
Humanitarian Cooperation

We are great fans and followers of the Missionaries of Charity, for those of you who do not know them, it is the order created by Mother Saint Teresa of Calcutta. A percentage of all sales of our "Made in India" textile garments will go to cooperation with the Missionaries of Charity.

After 30 years, we continue to manufacture sustainable fashion items and leather accessories, putting our hearts into each piece. Discover the story behind each of our products.