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Women's wallets have gone from being simply a complement to organize our money and cards have become a fashion and style statement in itself.

How many times have you only carried your purse or purse on top and left your purse on the desk or even at home ?! And it is that the women's purse wallets are gaining more strength every day.

That is why at Monpiel we have spent a lot of time and care to create the perfect leather wallets for women. We want you to carry a leather wallet that you love. Discover our new collection in the Online store where you will find a wide variety of designs, colors and textures. And as always with the best quality and the best price


Have you ever wondered the origin of leather purses?

The earliest references to wallet history are found in ancient Greece. Purses emerged as an alternative to pockets. At that time, leather purses had knives in the locks to prevent thieves from stealing their owner's belongings. Religion was another reason why purses became popular. The wallets now had to support the weight of the coins that were offered in alms, which is why they began to manufacture leather purses reinforced with clasps in gold or silver depending on the status of the user of the handbag.

The leather wallet as we know it today with the double fold and multiple "card slots" was standardized in the early 1950s with the introduction of the first credit cards. Some innovations include the introduction of the velcro closure purse in the 1970s.