Mary Jane leather shoes, back for another season.

The Mary Jane shoes we used to wear as little girls, the ones we've always known, owe their name to Queen Maria de las Mercedes of Orleans, better known as Merceditas. Five months after marrying her cousin, she passed away. After the sad loss of Merceditas, a popular song was written about her, "the shoes she was wearing...were made of rich patent leather...that Alfonso gave her...on the day she got married." This love story with such a tragic ending was the origin of one of the most popular and fashionable shoes among us.

For some time now, Mary Jane leather shoes have gradually been making their way into our wardrobes. Becoming a staple for all of us.

At Monpiel, this season they are back and this time we are committed to creating a new version of this classic Mary Jane leather shoe model, always thinking and adapting it to you.


The classic version of the Merceditas is back with a new twist.

The classic version of Mary Janes is back with a new twist. We've been designing and manufacturing the classic Mary Jane that we used to wear to school for several seasons now.

If you're looking for comfortable footwear but want to avoid the classic flat and boring shoe, at Monpiel we have the perfect one for you. With the new leather Mary Jane, we're sure that this renewed classic will make you stand out wherever you go! Thanks to its comfort, without forgetting its design, it will give your look the elegant and sophisticated style you're looking for.

In this section, you can find several versions and models adapted to you. From the leather Mary Jane with a toe cap, a classic and also a total success, designed to bring that sophisticated style to your look.

Not to mention our patent leather Mary Janes, as the song says "they were made of rich patent leather", they are ideal to wear with a dress or for strolling in the evenings. Now you just have to choose the style that best suits you!