New Collection: Paula Loves by MONPIEL

MONPIEL, a leather bags, shoes, and accessories brand, has just launched a new collection in collaboration with the famous fashion influencer, Paula Loves. The collection features a variety of leather shoes and leather bags with exclusive designs that combine the classic and elegant style of MONPIEL and the vibrant and modern style of Paula Moya.

The perfect gift for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to show your mom how much you love her. Why not surprise her with a gift that will make her feel special and unique?

A capsule wardrobe: What is it and what should it contain?

Discover what a capsule wardrobe is, what it should contain each season, and how it can simplify your life: learn about the garments, colors, and timeless basics you need.

Small, versatile and durable leather bags for your day to day

Small leather bags are perfect for carrying your essentials: cell phone, wallet or keys without noticing that you're carrying anything. An elegant, durable and versatile basic for your day to day.

Ten leather bags that will be the perfect Valentine's gift

A leather bag is a perfect Valentine's gift because it is a timeless and elegant piece. It can be used throughout the year and adapts to any look. Get it right with this gift for lovers!

Brown leather bags: discover why they will be the kings of your outfit

Brown leather bags are an excellent purchase option due to their versatility. They can be used for both day and night, and adapt to a variety of looks.

Monpiel presents its autumn-winter collection of timeless basics.

We went to Madrid to present the new Autumn-Winter 22 collection. A very special collection for Monpiel where our leather bags, ballerinas and leather ankle boots were the stars that day. Its elegance with differentiated lines, have resulted in timeless, quality basics with a party air.

Find out what style of ankle boot goes with you

Leather ankle boots are footwear par excellence for the coldest months of the year, although they can also save us the styles of the half-season months. Versatile footwear that is very wearable, and that we will combine perfectly with all our autumn-winter garments.

Why buying a leather laptop sleeve is a safe bet ?

In this post we tell you why buying leather accessories to protect our most personal belongings is a long-term investment. Today when we look for a complement and accessory we want it to be of quality, useful and highly durable... This does not only happen with our bags, belts and shoes. The same happens when we have to take our protected personal belongings with us. Buying and giving away leather products in the long term is more profitable. We will tell you why!

Know the differences between Ballet shoes, Mary Janes and Ballet flats.

They are the classic shoe par excellence. Leather Ballet Shoes, Mary Janes and Ballets flats may seem the same at first glance, but they are very different from each other. Discover the difference between each one of them and choose the one that best suits you for this autumn-winter season.

Personalize your leather item: Wallets and Leather bags with your initials

In this post we will explain everything you need to know about customizing our leather accessories. We will explain how initial engraving works, where we customize our products and the steps to follow for initial engraving.

Personalized leather gifts, turn leather accessories into unique pieces

Are you looking for ideas for a unique gift for a special person? Here we bring you a post with ideas for personalized leather gifts. Whether for a gift for a loved one as a business detail, surely your gift will not go unnoticed. When they give us something specifically designed for us, they acquire an extra that goes beyond a conventional gift.

Women's leather belt, the new accessory that can not miss in your closet

Everything about leather belts, how to combine them, the colors they wear the most and the best way to take care of them. And the Monpiel women's leather belts that you can't miss. Discover everything in our post :)

How to clean leather, be it your leather bag or your favorite shoes

Do you want to know how to clean your leather accessories without damaging them? Discover how to take care of your leather products so that they last forever. Whether it's a bag or your favorite shoes, follow these tips to keep them clean and radiant at all times!

Comfortable shoes for women, Guide to buy online

Guide to buy comfortable women's shoes online and get it right the first time! Looking fabulous in comfort IS possible, and should be a must. At Monpiel we bring you the tips to keep in mind to buy your next shoe and make it a success!

Complete guide for men's leather wallets so you can choose the one that is perfect for you

Complete guide to choose your leather wallet. Yes, the one that will last you years and years and for which you know it is worth, take a few minutes to choose the right one. We also offer you one of the most extensive catalogs of men's leather wallets in Spain and all with the quality and support of Monpiel.

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day in Coronavirus time

Looking for the perfect gift for this Mother's Day? At Monpiel we have created a list with ideas for you to surprise that special woman on this Mother's Day. Leather bags, wallets, purses, belts, ideas for all budgets.

5 gift ideas for men for this father's day

At Monpiel we bring you 5 gift ideas for men for Father's Day. Buy your gift online from the comfort of your home and surprise your father on this special day. Discover Monpiel products