Leather goods tradition from the Sierra de Cadiz | SPAIN


Ubrique is a Spanish reference in leather craftsmanship, which is why we couldn't find a better place to locate some of our workshops. We have been working hand in hand with artisan workshops for more than 30 years. For us, they are people we trust completely, our right-hand man to be able to launch collections year after year. 

Ubrique and Leather Industry
Shoe lasts in workshop

Shoemaking generations from Levante | SPAIN


Shoemaker... stick to your shoes. The saying is well known, from Elda to Alicante we find a large part of our shoe workshops. We enjoy the production process very much, from the design that we do in-house to the reception of complete productions. Small workshops with trustworthy people who help us with everything we need. For us, shoes are a new world and we can't stop learning. 

Our most social aspect | INDIA


They are the latest workshops to join the project, the most complicated and at the same time fruitful (emotionally speaking). It was quite a challenge to integrate the family business with our social commitment. Today this is a reality. We support various Indian communities by manufacturing 100% handmade products, from looms located in marginalized areas, independent embroiderers who support entire families and associations or cooperatives until we get the final product that you receive at home. All our products can be considered a jewel, the textile garments will show that well-made work of slow and conscious productions. 

Workshop in India
Knitting workshop

Quality above all | SPAIN


Believe it or not... Spain has always had high-quality knitwear workshops. Globalization came and many brands started working abroad, so many workshops closed. Nowadays, few of them survive and they are the best at knitting, so we couldn't manufacture in a better place than with them. We use cashmere, natural wool, and alpaca yarns so that your garments are always special and of quality. 

All our workshops are perfectly audited and meet our most demanding standards of quality, social commitment and good practices.