Discover our collection of leather handbags, leather belts, and other accessories.

Craftsmanship, care, and love go into each product.

You can find a great variety of leather items perfect to complete your look at any time and season of the year. All our products, accessories, and complements are timeless, so they will elevate all your outfits from winter to summer, and any special occasion such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day... perfect to give as a gift anytime or to treat yourself every once in a while.



Whatever your style, we have the perfect leather handbag for you or for gifting to someone special. Monpiel offers a wide variety of original designs perfect for every occasion. You can find our most iconic handbags, always our best sellers, like the round leather bucket bag which has been with us since the beginning, perfect for daily use, or if you need something a little more special, the mini leather bucket bag version is just for you. Practical, comfortable and functional, that's our classic leather shopper bag, or if you're looking for an all-purpose bag for the office, we recommend the leather basket bag, you can't imagine how much it can hold... But if you prefer mini bags, we recommend the mini leather basket bag for shopping afternoons, going out with friends or Sunday walks.

When we design these models, we want them to be practical, and we are increasingly fond of small handbags and clutches, that's why the small structured handbag is perfect, you can use it for a very special occasion, like a wedding, and carry it in your hand, plus all our handbags come with an adjustable long strap to wear on your shoulder. As you can see, endless possibilities for endless occasions!



All our leather accessories are timeless, quality basics meant to last a lifetime, like our leather belts. No matter your style, they are perfect to elevate your look, from the classic and timeless leather belt with buckle to the most novel and stylish knot leather belt.

Leather wallets and coin purses for men and women in different colors are the perfect accessory to give as a gift for special occasions or as a thoughtful gesture for someone special. You can find a wide variety of models that adapt to your style and needs. Whatever your style may be, there is a Monpiel for you. All our leather accessories and complements are made in Spain. We produce sustainably under the slow-fashion movement, so we do not engage in mass production. We manufacture sustainably both socially and environmentally, which is why no Monpiel is like another.