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Have you ever wondered how many times a day you use your wallet? The truth is that men's leather wallets or leather wallets are one of the most used and important accessories of our day-to-day. And since you use it daily, it's easy not to notice that sometimes they need to be renewed. If it is time for you to change your leather wallet, at Monpiel we offer you the best price in our Online store and 100% high-quality leather products created with care and attention to detail.



At Monpiel we know that the best men's leather wallets can be for one kind of user but not for another. Whether you are one of those who carry a purse, card wallet, or a small wallet, we are convinced that this element not only makes your life easier but also shows your style and personality through its design. That is why our craftsmen and designers have created them taking into account the different tastes and needs because we want you to find exactly what you are looking for.



Did you just buy your first Monpiel leather wallet? Congratulations, you made the right choice! Monpiel men's leather wallets will last you for years! And best of all, every year that passes will look even better. Leather slowly changes over time, giving your leather wallet a rebellious look that many men look for when buying leather accessories. The rebellious look is cool, but a dirty wallet is not. So we explain how you can do to keep your leather wallet so that it always looks good.


First of all empty your wallet, we don't want your cards or family photos to go through water. Then make your own cleaning solution with ¼ cup olive oil, ½ cup regular vinegar, and a spray bottle. Shake it and spray the leather. Clean the cleaning solution with a cotton cloth. You can add a few drops of peppermint oil or whatever you prefer to cover the vinegar smell. Although it really is not necessary since the smell of vinegar will disappear from your men's leather wallet quickly. Keep in mind that this recipe is perfectly safe for leather or normal leather, but it is not designed to be used in suede or suede. May you enjoy your leather wallet for many years!


What is the best brand of men's wallets:

The truth is that many accessories and men's fashion brands offer leather purses and wallets, but without a doubt, the manufacture of leather goods is an art. There are not many brands that really specialize in leatherwork, and unfortunately, most of them that offer quality products have a very high price. Next, we highlight the best brands of leather wallets for men:

1.- Monpiel: Founded in 1980, it is a Spanish company with a long tradition of leather goods. It has a wide catalog of men's wallets, where we can find large and small wallets, with a purse, without a purse, leather card holders ... Its designs are current, and the quality of its products is unquestionable. Without a doubt, the most recommended option is to find a portfolio with the best value for money.

2.- Montblanc: It is an important brand of fountain pens, watches, and leather goods. Founded in 1906, it is considered one of the important luxury firms in men's accessories. Their wallets follow classic lines, predominantly using black leathers and saffiano-type finishes. Its emblematic logo that symbolizes the top of Mont Blanc stands out.

3.- Loewe: It is a leather goods brand of Spanish origin. Already in the time of Alfonso XIII he became a supplier to the Royal Household. It has a fairly wide range of leather bags for women. It is very well positioned as a brand in the luxury sector nationally and internationally.

4.- Massimo dutti: Brand specialized in men's clothing. It currently belongs to the INDITEX group, known internationally for brands such as Zara, Pull & Bear, Breshka, Stradivarius, Oysho and Uterque. It has a section dedicated to leather goods where we can find card holders, wallets, and other accessories.

5.- Carolina Herrera: Venezuelan designer Maria Carlolina Josefina Pacanis Niño founded the Carolina Herrera brand in 1981. Today she is probably the most prestigious Hispanic designer internationally. In addition to all the fashion pieces, she has a wide range of leather goods and perfumes. For men they have a fairly wide selection of leather card holders.

6.- Pielnoble: This is a Barcelona brand specialized in leather goods founded in 1929. They offer a wide catalog of men's wallets as well as shoulder bags and leather belts. Classic cut products and good quality.

7.- Bottega veneta: Italian brand founded in 1966. 20 years ago it was acquired by the Gucci group. It is specialized in leather and fur products. For men they offer very high quality leather wallets. Its designs with braided leather provide a very personal stamp.

All these brands would be a suitable option to select your leather wallet, although the great disadvantage of many of them is probably the price, their products are within the reach of a few ...

MONPIEL is probably the most suitable option to find your leather wallet. You can buy high quality leather wallets or card holders at a very reasonable price.


What measures does a men's wallet have

The size of a wallet is one of the most important characteristics when choosing a wallet. There are wallets for all tastes, although lately the trend is to use increasingly smaller and thinner wallets, so that they rob us of as little space as possible in our pocket.

At MONPIEL, we have a wide range of wallets of very different sizes:

First of all, we must differentiate between Horizontal portfolios or American type or Vertical portfolios.

Classic American-type wallets (wider than tall) usually measure approximately 11cm wide and 9cm high. They are only 1.5 cm deep. Small American type wallets are also common, which are 10.5 cm wide and 7.5 cm high. The latter are very famous in the US (hence their name) since they are correctly adapted to the US Dollar ($) type banknotes. The problem with small American wallets is that they generally do not fit unfolded 50 euro (€) bills.

On the other hand we have the vertical wallets or wallets. They generally measure 8.5 cm wide, 11 cm high and 1.5 or 2 cm deep. These wallets are also sold in a large format, 9 cm wide, 12 cm high and with the same depth.

Small Slim or super thin wallets are very fashionable today. These wallets are a success for those who are looking to lighten the weight and space in their pockets. At Monpiel we offer a fairly wide range of Slim wallets and they are generally 9 cm high, 7.5 cm wide and 1.5 cm deep.


What should a man have in his wallet

Many times we wonder what a man should have in his wallet. The truth is that it is something very personal, but today wallets are generally used to store money and documentation.

Money: Men mainly carry € 10, € 20 or € 50 bills as they are the most frequent and easy to transport. There are also some wallets that incorporate a purse, so many men also carry coins. It is true that coins and even bills are becoming less frequent with the arrival of credit / debit cards, so nowadays these cards are present in almost all wallets.

Documentation: Here it depends a lot on the tastes, but usually men carry ID, driver's license, credit / debit cards, health card, other permits / licenses, transport passes, loyalty cards or point cards ...

From our point of view, many men and women carry their wallets completely overloaded and not normally with money, but with really useless cards, papers or documents. Today, we also have the great advantage that many of these documents can also be carried digitally on the mobile phone, so we believe that a leather card holder or a slim or small-size wallet should be more than enough . There we will have the necessary space to carry about 8 cards and some money. Although, as the saying goes, there is nothing written about tastes ...


How the money should be kept in the wallet:

Everything will depend on the type of wallet we have. Most of them will allow us to store the bills horizontally and without folding. In fact, even our Slim wallets can fit 50 euro bills without folding!

Only in some cases, such as the small American type wallets, we will have to double the € 50 bills.


How to remove stains on leather wallets?

The first of all will be to identify the type of stain. A small dust stain is not the same as a pen stain or an oil stain. We must bear in mind that leathers are porous materials (some more than others). Depending on the degree of porosity and the type of stain, it will be more difficult or less to remove.

If it is an “easy” stain, the procedure would be the same as for general cleaning of the wallet: Clean it with a damp cloth or specific damp leather wipes and apply some cream to grease it.

If, on the other hand, we are facing a more complicated stain, our recommendation is to apply a specific product to remove stains on the leather. We must be careful when scratching or rubbing the leather, as we can lift the grain and the damage will be irreversible.


How do you know if a wallet is made of real leather?

There are many ways to identify whether a wallet is genuine leather. Unfortunately today a large quantity of PU or leatherette is produced that is fraudulently sold as legitimate leather without actually being it. Therefore, it is important to learn how to differentiate a genuine leather wallet:

Touch: Authentic leathers tend to differ by their softness and particular touch depending on the type of tanning and the applied treaty. At this point we have to be careful, since there are many leathers with a touch very similar to real leathers

Smell: All authentic leathers have a specific scent. This smell will depend fundamentally on the type of tanning and the products used in it. Despite what many people think, a strong smell does not mean that the leather is better or better, but that it has simply been treated with products that give off more odor. In fact, at Monpiel we try to use eco-frendly tanned leathers, produced by processes free of chromium and other aggressive substances.

Visual Aspect: Authentic leathers have various thicknesses, but they will never have a fabric reverse, in that case we will probably be dealing with a leatherette wallet. This is difficult to see with the naked eye, since most wallets hide the reverse of the leather due to their lining.


How to customize a portfolio?

There are many ways to personalize a wallet, although at Monpiel we use the most traditional process and with the best technology. To personalize the initials we work with a high temperature pressure engraving, which allows us to permanently fix the stamping on the leather. Similarly, we offer the possibility of engraving initials in Gold and Silver.

Some other brands carry out personalization or monograming by painting the leather, although from our point of view this type of engraving is less durable.

At Monpiel we personalize with initials of 8 mm x 8 mm. Generally 3 initials are used per product. These initials are engraved in different places depending on the model, although they are usually engraved on the inside of the wallet.