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Have you ever wondered how many times a day you use your wallet? The truth is that men's leather wallets or leather wallets are one of the most used and important accessories of our day to day. And since you use it on a daily basis, it's easy not to notice that sometimes they need to be renewed. If it is time for you to change your leather wallet, at Monpiel we offer you the best price in our Online store and 100% high quality leather products created with care and attention to detail.


At Monpiel we know that the best men's leather wallets can be for one kind of user but not for another. Whether you are one of those who carry a purse, card wallet or a small wallet, we are convinced that this element not only makes your life easier but also shows your style and personality through its design. That is why our craftsmen and designers have created them taking into account the different tastes and needs, because we want you to find exactly what you are looking for.


Did you just buy your first Monpiel leather wallet? Congratulations, you made the right choice! Monpiel men's leather wallets will last you for years! And best of all, every year that passes will look even better. Leather slowly changes over time, giving your leather wallet a rebellious look that many men look for when buying leather accessories. The rebellious look is cool, but a dirty wallet is not. So we explain how you can do to keep your leather wallet so that it always looks good.


First of all empty your wallet, we don't want your cards or family photos to go through water. Then make your own cleaning solution with ¼ cup olive oil, ½ cup regular vinegar, and a spray bottle. Shake it and spray the leather. Clean the cleaning solution with a cotton cloth. You can add a few drops of peppermint oil or whatever you prefer to cover the vinegar smell. Although it really is not necessary since the smell of vinegar will disappear from your men's leather wallet quickly. Keep in mind that this recipe is perfectly safe for leather or normal skin, but it is not designed to be used in suede or suede. May you enjoy your leather wallet for many years!

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