The models of leather ballet shoes, ballet flats and Mary Janes are different types of flat shoes that have gradually found a niche in our wardrobes.They have become our wardrobe.

This time, these shoes come back with a new air. Although we call these shoe models the same, they have a series of characteristics that make this type of shoe different from each other.

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Main differences between ballet flats, ballet shoes and Mary Janes

Monpieldesigns these shoe models in 100% natural leather and Made in Spain.

Do you want to know what the differences between them are?

Here we tell you:

Leather Ballet Shoes

We start with the classic leather ballet shoe leather ballet shoe. They are the shoe for girls and women par excellence. Its design is inspired by classical ballet dancers. It is characterized by its rounded neckline, flat sole and its flexibility. The versatility of women's leather ballet shoes has made them a timeless staple in many wardrobes.

At Monpiel, we have redesigned them, and now you can find this type of shoe in an endless number of designs and models: with a rounded toe, square, with a heel, without a heel...As you can see, there are endless designs, so that this leather accessory always goes according to your style and need, but later we will tell you all about the Monpiel dancers.

Bailiarina pala alta ángela
Marieta rosa maquillaje bailarina de piel

Differences between ballet shoes and ballet flats

Sometimes, the term ballets shoes and ballet flats are confused. The truth is that both shoes are very similar but womens's flats usually have a slightly thicker sole and its tip is semi rounded.We could say that it is a slipper.

You can find on our website a basic of leather flats that will be a total success to elevate your daily looks, office or even for a more special occasion.

Mary Janes Vs Ballet shoe: What is the difference?

The most special of all women's shoes is undoubtedly the leather Mary Janes. It is the shoe in the purest em>french or Parisian style. This is a classic, comfortable, versatile and very sophisticated model.

Like the classic ballerina, its toe is rounded. Like the classic ballerina, its toe is rounded. Although its definitive hallmark is that this type of shoe is usually attached to the foot. Leather Mary Janes are a Best Seller.  

At Monpiel, you can find a wide variety of models designed and manufactured in Spain with high-quality materials. Now that you know how to differentiate each of these models.

You only have to choose what type of ballerina, ballerina or leather Mary Jane is the one that will become your basic this season.

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