Macbook pro leather laptop sleeve

Protect your laptop with our leather covers


Our computers, tablets and all our technological devices are part of us. There is not a single minute of the day that we are separated from them. Like the Monpiel basics, they are a complement that we can not miss in our day to day

If we want all our technological devices like our Mac, tablets and other accessories to last longer, we have to take care of it, not only is it enough to treat them well, we also have to protect them.

When we carry them in our leather backpack or our leather basket bag, it is not completely protected, when we carry it inside our Monpiel we can inadvertently scratch them with the keys or other objects we carry, these scratches are more noticeable. In our metal-finish laptops such as Apple ones.

Useful for going to the office

Our laptop covers are made of leather, we have thought that this accessory has to be just as long as our Macbook Pro or our Mackbook air. Thanks to their design and capacity, they are perfect for carrying your laptop, charger, tablet, hard drive... It fits everything you need to go to work or study!

You can find the leather case that best suits your needs from 12", 13" or even up to 15" inches.

All our leather cases have the capacity to carry more than one object, we have also thought about the safety of your most personal and valuable objects...

And they include a snap and zipper closure. This way you will have everything tidy and most importantly, safe and sound. 

To prevent our Mac from suffering damage and keep it as new, the key is to keep it well protected. And what better than a leather laptop case for Mac. In this way, you can go anywhere with peace of mind.

Transporting your laptop along with your work documents has never been so comfortable and elegant.

Normally, the covers for our computers are made of materials such as neoprene or nylon.But Monpiel's are made of natural leather that makes them more resistant, durable and elegant.

computer case for mac skin leather

Turn your laptop sleeve into a stylish leather briefcase


Our computer cases for mac is such a basic accessory that sometimes we forget about the multiple functionalities that this object has in our day-to-day.

In addition to using them to store and carry our Macbook air or Mackbook Pro, they also serve to file and store all our documents and other important documents that we need to carry by hand on meeting days and that we can not lose.

Thanks to the interior and exterior pockets we can carry our AirPods, moleskine, keys, our leather briefcase holder... the best thing about having a case/briefcase...

What we have everything at hand!


They are the perfect complement that cannot be missing in your day to day!

It is the perfect gift for those more technological guys who love to be up to date not only in terms of technology but also in fashion and accessories.

Thanks to its high-quality materials, it is very practical and resistant. Perfect to add to your wishlist this year and not run out of the perfect gift to surprise your boy, your father or your brother.

Believe us! This cover will be of great help to you.