White and patterned shirts and blouses are ideal for a casual and fresh look. From linen blouses to elegant button-down shirts, all our clothing items are unique and exclusive for any type of look, from the most classic with an embroidered shirt for everyday wear, or lace and patterned shirts for bolder looks. Shirts and blouses are perfect for spring days and even the hottest summer days. Find the perfect blouse and shirt and complete your look with a leather belt, Mary Jane shoes, and a Monpiel leather bag.



Basic and classic clothing items are a must-have in any wardrobe, and our shirts and blouses are no exception. In addition to being timeless pieces, they are sustainable and made from organic materials to contribute to the environment and ethically to the industry. Shirts and blouses are wardrobe staples, these designs are made from soft cotton, they are sustainable and easy to mix and match, wearable and perfect to complete your capsule wardrobe. It's always good to have a slightly more special shirt or blouse.

The entire collection is made from sustainable materials. Sustainability and responsible consumption are something we care about, we manufacture clothing in nearby workshops with care and attention, each of these garments is handmade. We aspire to produce quality clothing that lasts more than one season.



Our shirts and blouses are part of the slow-fashion movement, which means they are designed to last and not follow fleeting fashion trends. White shirts and blouses are essential for all seasons - spring/summer and fall/winter. These garments are a basic that will save you on more than one occasion. Romantic style, hand-embroidered, with lace, French sleeves, long sleeves or short sleeves... Discover the endless possibilities that a basic white shirt in your wardrobe offers.

All of our blouses and shirts combine perfectly with a casual look for day-to-day wear. If you need a more special look, the lace shirt with long sleeves is for you. Discover the infinite combinations that having such a classic and timeless garment as a white shirt or printed blouse from Monpiel offers in your capsule wardrobe.