What is a capsule wardrobe?

To give a little context, the term originated in the 20th century, and although we've been hearing about capsule wardrobes on social media and in magazines for some time, it's a practice that's particularly popular among fashion-conscious women, and even on fashion runways. When this concept started to become popular, we saw it as the answer to the age-old question of What should I wear today?

Why is having a capsule wardrobe useful?

The trend of building a perfect capsule wardrobe is a useful and practical way to create basic everyday outfits with classic, basic pieces. And, increasingly, it's also about being conscious, responsible, and sustainable when it comes to consumption. Investing not only in high-quality garments but also in accessories is a way to help the environment under the slow-fashion movement.

How to choose the right accessories for your capsule wardrobe?

The promoter of this common term came from the hand of designer Donna Kanna, who claimed that a good capsule wardrobe is composed of a total of about 30/40 pieces including shoes, bags, accessories, and jewelry. All these pieces are characterized by minimalism, simplicity, quality, and the idea is that the entire wardrobe should be timeless and useful for both summer and winter.

What accessories to include in your capsule wardrobe?

We totally agree with choosing basic, classic pieces for our wardrobe. However, when it comes to leather bags, shoes, and accessories, we believe that if a garment is important, a good accessory is essential.

Our products meet the requirements of maximum quality because they are made of leather and our designs are timeless, whether they are ballet flats, classic leather Mary Janes, sneakers, and more.

The basic garments for your capsule wardrobe this spring/summer season

A basic that we can never miss is a white basic shirt. The perfect solution to the dilemma of What should I wear?, they never fail... We don't know if it's because of their timelessness, romantic style, or sleeve details, but we love them. We know that they're perfect to combine with any pair of dress pants, flared jeans combined with Ameliè heels, Gabi flats, or even jute espadrilles.

The white shirt that can't be missing in your capsule wardrobe

If you love special blouses, at Monpiel we have the perfect blouse for you. It's sophisticated, romantic, and very versatile, it will be your ally for a more special occasion, like a dinner with friends, a date, or even an engagement. Our new shirts and blouses are love at first sight. They are so special because of their floral print, but at the same time, classic, stylish, and sophisticated, which makes them perfect for any type of occasion.

The dress that will be your ally throughout the summer

With the arrival of summer and good weather, we only look for fresh, comfortable, versatile clothes, and linen dresses are perfect to wear throughout the summer. The success of these summery dresses lies in their comfort, freshness, and elegance, as they are made of linen. You won't want to take them off! Everyone has "the perfect dress" in their wardrobe, and what about you? Have you already found yours?

Accessories that you can't miss in your wardrobe this spring/summer

It is clear that having a good wardrobe saves you on Monday mornings for the office or meetings. For us, not everything is in the clothes; investing in a wardrobe with good leather belts, bags, and shoes is essential. Leather accessories must be timeless, classic, minimalist, and wearable with any look and for any occasion. We all want to have a capsule wardrobe, so to start building a wardrobe, we advise you not to miss a black shoe, a leather bag, and a leather belt.