To accompany you in your day to day there is no better material than leather, since it offers greater strength, durability and resistance. However, there are shops that sell artificial or synthetic leather products, which does not guarantee any type of quality. Next, we tell you what are the 5 indicators to know if a leather product is of high quality or not. Very attentive!

  1. The beauty of imperfection. At first glance, many products can lead to confusion regarding the quality of the leather they have been made with. At Monpiel, for example, all the products have been handcrafted by expert leatherworkers, each of these pieces being made of natural leather by hand, so they can present different nuances between them.
    The imperfections in the leather are , actually, something positive. Although this statement may seem strange, remember that the leathers are natural materials and that they are marked with use and with the passage of time; therefore, marks or imperfections of the leather may appear or exist, and even changes in color due to natural wear. Each piece made with natural leather is unique, so those that present a uniform and similar state, in general, indicate that it is a leather with too many chemicals, so its quality is inferior.
  2. The loss of color.When the leather is of poor quality (synthetic leather or imitation leather) its appearance and color is uniform throughout the surface. These types of leathers tend to lose color easily with the simple rubbing of clothing or continuous touch, while genuine leather maintains its original color and even improves over time.
  3. Genuine leather is soft and flexible.High quality natural leather has a soft, flexible and smooth texture, while synthetic materials, on the other hand, have greater rigidity. You can check if the leather is of quality by pressing the surface with your fingers. If small wrinkles appear on its surface and disappear in a few seconds, it is a sign that the quality of the leather is high.
  4. Odor, a good indicator of quality. Knowing if your product is genuine leather is as easy as its smell, very characteristic. However, synthetic materials often give off a strong plastic smell. Although, be very careful !, because in the market there are substances that are usually applied to products so that they initially have the smell of natural leather. This aroma will be lost in a few days.
  5. Be careful with the fire! Another option is to place your product near an intense source of heat, but be careful not to bring it so close that you burn it! If you want to check, do it for an inconspicuous part. If the leather is natural, it will contract slightly, returning to its original shape on cooling. On the other hand, if the leather is of poor quality or synthetic, it will deform quickly and will not regain its shape. The effect it can cause is that of a plastic burn, with a melted appearance. By doing this test, the smell will also make a difference. While synthetic leather will smell of burnt plastic, natural leather will smell of burnt hair.

Although with these 5 indicators you will know if a leather product is high quality or not, the best option is always to go to your trusted store like Monpiel, in which all the leather we use is perfectly checked under quality standards.