What should I wear for going out this summer?

If something characterizes the summer season, it's the more casual and informal looks, but without forgetting those accessories that we can't do without. We want to be your personal shopper so you can stay up-to-date this summer. In this post, we'll tell you about the 3 perfect accessories for your summer look.

A different belt for each day

For those days when we leave our swimsuit behind. The belt is the perfect accessory that will continue to accompany you in the summer, ideal for pairing with shorts and short pants.

Monpiel's elastic belts are the best option. In addition to offering a wide variety of colors such as blue, navy, maroon, beige, or gray, they provide greater flexibility with summer pants. It's a way to stand out from the classics and give your look a fresh touch. These belts go perfectly with jeans or even white or earth-toned shorts. Additionally, beige and gray elastic belts can look perfect with dark pants.

On the other hand, if you're going to enjoy more elegant summer evenings on a terrace, opt for suede belts or the belt with a strap. It will give your look a more classic touch.

Cardholders or small wallets for the summer

If there's one thing that characterizes your summer look, it's the absence of jackets or coats to comfortably store your wallet. A great summer accessory is cardholders, a way to avoid carrying cash and instead keep your cards and even bills in ultra-slim cardholders, like the ones we have at Monpiel.

If you're loyal to wallets, opt for smaller models during the summer. We suggest our small American billfold wallet in Sand for summer nights or the small American billfold wallet in Lake for mornings.

Don't forget your wristwatch!

Wristwatches are one of the most commonly used accessories for everyone, from children to adults. There are as many styles as there are people, with various shapes and sizes that make them the perfect complement for any personality. Whether square, round, or rectangular, with leather, metal, or wooden straps.

To complete your summer look, we suggest sportier designs, watches that are usually water-resistant and offer more than just telling time, such as a stopwatch or even a calendar function. If you want to go for a style that's somewhere between formal and casual, opt for leather strap watches with colorful accents. It will add that fresh and relaxed touch to your appearance.

As you can see, the wallet, belt, and wristwatch are still the three accessories that should not be missing from your summer look. However, there are many others like backpacks, sunglasses, or caps. With the arrival of summer, it's important not to let our fashion sense slip and always stay in style.