Undoubtedly, and as many of you know, the best wardrobe background of every woman is the beloved and appreciated black leather bag, but what are the models of fundamental bags to have in your closet? In this post we explain the essential bag models that over the years have become iconic bags in the wardrobe of every woman.

1. Hobo bag

This bag is a must in any women's wardrobe.We can refer to 3 very important features that make this model a "must have" bag in your wardrobe: perfect size, super light weight, double handle for comfort.

This bag model is a classic that many firms have worked for years, in MONPIEL we wanted to renew its design a little by adding a twist in animal print, a touch very trendy this season.

2. Tote Bag

Rigid bag and armed with hand handle. This model is another of the classics for decades, it is a bag that has been worked on for years and never goes unnoticed. For us it has become an iconic bag, where the added value to its design is achieved with some original detail. In Monpiel we have turned this classic bag into a fun and modern one and, as always, maintaining the highest level of quality thanks to our expert leather goods and leather of the highest quality.

Do you already have our TOTE model in wine color with details in animal print?

3. Bandolera Bag

Thinking about an all-terrain bag for day and night? This is your essential bag.

It's that comfortable and versatile bag that you end up using more than you thought because you can't live without it. At MONPIEL, we have opted for a sophisticated yet modern version.

Soft and lightweight leather with the handle knotted in two places, giving it a playful touch while reinventing the classic leather shoulder bag.

There are many models to choose from but if you decide on a classic worked with quality it will last a lifetime.

And for you, what is the essential bag model in your wardrobe?