mini leather bucket bag

Having quality  accessories is key to a good wardrobe, you always have to have good leather shoes, a bag and a leather belt. Having these pieces in your closet is synonymous with triumph.

Special dates and days arrive, sometimes it is not bad to give a surprise with a gift or simply, give ourselves some other whim.


Going outside without a leather bag is like going out without earrings or sunglasses.

The leather bag: a piece of timeless elegance that does not go out of style

It is such a basic and necessary complement that we have to choose it very well because it will become our ally. Once we find the perfect leather bag it will be very difficult to replace it. That's why a leather bag is the perfect Valentine's gift.

Sometimes looking for the perfect bag is not as easy as we think. We are faithful believers in designing leather bags with a classic, timeless style, that does not go out of style, elegant, that saves you on more than one occasion and comfortable to wear. It is the perfect complement that you will not regret and will be for life.

basic shoulder bag in leather and black coconut skin
custom leather snakeskin bucket bag

Give a basic with which you will surely get it right

In many occasions, leather accessories are the accessories to attract admiring looks. It is important that when choosing a more special bag, it remains classic, combinable and most importantly that it does not go out of style.

You have to think that each bag has a different function. For this reason, we leave you some of the leather bags that you can find in Monpiel and that adapt to every occasion.

A gift for life, thanks to its quality and durability

Giving a high-end leather bag is always a wise option.Think for a moment, how many bags do you have in your closet and which one do you always wear?

Surely you come to mind the typical black leather bag or the basic leather shoulder bag, which you have a lot of affection because it was a gift that they made you and that you also love, not only for the detail of the person who gave it to you, but also for the quality and how well it is preserved despite the fact that you choose it again and again for the day By day, to make plans or go out a night a little more special.

leather basket bag
basic shoulder bag in leather and black coconut skin

Your New Best Friend in Fashion

In this case, Monpiel recommends that you choose a classic shoulder bag, it is a gift for life, it fulfills all the functions we have talked about above.

In addition, many girls we talk to recognize that it is difficult for them to find the perfect basic leather bag and we always say that having basics is investing in quality and Monpiel bags meet the requirements to become your new best friend.

The leather shopper bag, the most versatile!

For many of us, it has become the bag we use to go to the office, go shopping, go on trips and a thousand other plans.

We love this type of bags not only for their material but also for everything we can carry in them. This type of basket leather shaped bag is ideal for the convenience of carrying everything we need.

Combine with any classic and feminine look is a classic, timeless model that you can wear both on your shoulder and in your hand.

It is a timeless model, basic and combinable with everything for the available tone.

leather basket bag
mini bucket bag split leather in leather

An iconic and original bag: our leather bucket bag

Betting on a model to become the most representative bag of the brand is something that we do not choose but it is something that arises alone.

Our star bag or the most iconic bag is our round leather bucket bag. This model has been with us since the beginning of the brand, represents and defines the brand, that is, it manifests the values of slow-fashion, sustainability, quality, originality, durability ...

Monpiel's best seller, in two sizes

It is a bag that does not go out of style and although we have now redesigned it for those more daring girls in snake skin or bicolor in split leather will always be a representation of Monpiel. Even when we innovate with the size of this mini leather bag, it is true to remain an iconic bag for Monpiel.

All fashion brands always bet on a model that represents them and is that Monpiel has been having an iconic leather bag since its inception that defines the brand and represents the values of slow-fashion, sustainability, quality, originality and durability.

mini bucket bag split leather in leather
mini bucket bag split leather in leather

A leather shoulder bag, comfortable and functional

Another classic of the collection, we talk about a bag that we always resort to when we do not know what to wear or we do not know how to bring that different touch to our look.

It is one of the most used bags in our day to day, this type of bag usually includes an adjustable strip, perfect for hanging either on the shoulder or crossed. Without a doubt, it is one of the most comfortable and functional bags, a great ally for the most informal occasions. It combines well with virtually any more casual look such as a blouse with jeans, or also with any dress.

A clutch bag for special occasions

Small and with renewed shapes, these bags will accompany you in your most special moments, always elevating your look. This function is fulfilled by our reinforced leather bag, it is a small, solid, soft leather bag or with structured design.

You can carry it in your hand to give the most sophisticated touch, it all depends on the occasion ... You can even use it as a shoulder bag because all our bags include a strap. You can find it in the most classic and basic tone such as black or leather to a little more daring as is the champagne tone, perfect for events and meetings something more special.

mini bucket bag split leather in leather