Sand color mini leather bag

We know that the best perfumes come in small bottles, just like the best bags when it comes to comfort are the mini ones.

Small leather bags to carry the essentials comfortably

As we love bags as much as you do, we are very excited that our small leather bags are a total success and for many of you they have become a necessary basic in many of your daily looks.

The necessary bags for everyday use

These bag models are ideal to carry in your day to day and can be combined with any look, even for a more special occasion such as a dinner or a meeting with friends where you will stop using the typical party bag or clutch, in which nothing fits Also, not to mention the ideals that also remain as travel accessories or for a weekend getaway, taking only what is necessary such as your cards, mobile phone and money.

You can also combine them! with other leather accessories.

mini leather basket bag

Mini bag: The perfect bag for your day to day

The truth is that this season mini bags have found a place in our closets and we see them more and more on the street, and despite their tiny size they are much more practical and comfortable than we think.

Many times we prefer to carry a practical small leather bag where it fits just and necessary and not have to be loaded, if you are one of those who thinks like this, this type of mini bag is perfect for you.

A mini bag, an infallible accessory

The mini leather bags are the ideal complement, they provide the touch that your look needs. We never get tired of repeating it but we are totally convinced that this is the one you need to have, yes or yes, we can assure you that you will be surprised by everything you can carry in one of our small basket bags. We think of everything, that's why we have included in the mini bags an adjustable and removable handle to wear it on the shoulder and for those more special occasions a short handle to carry it by hand. This shape is perfect for when you want to be elegant or give a more sophisticated touch to your outfit.

mini leather basket bag

A small leather bag: ideal for any occasion, without losing elegance

Monpiel's small leather bags have become the ideal complement for all kinds of looks and occasions. More and more we see Monpiel girls on the streets with this type of bag, because for many it is ideal for weekend plans, when you usually carry your mobile phone, keys and your personalized leather card holder. In addition, it will take away a lot of volume and you will not have to carry a lot of weight, in this way you will be very comfortable and it will give you a more casual and light air.

We love these types of mini bags to go for a walk, go shopping or even last a little longer until the night!

Choose a small leather bag: a basic combinable with all your looks

The good thing about mini bags is their versatility, not only because they are small and practical, but also because of their color and quality. A small leather bag will save you more than one occasion both for spring and summer when we are lighter and when we wear warm clothes and sometimes carrying larger leather bags with this type of clothing becomes much more annoying. Play and make an original look with one of our maroon bags or you can give your look a more elegant style with a small black bag.

mini nano knot leather bag

Bags with love, quality, and style

As in all our leather accessories, our mini bags are also a synonym of quality and work done with love. For this reason, each one of them is the result of a study of trends and of an ideal tailoring work so that a perfect accessory for you and adapted to your needs reaches your hands. Style, quality or crafts  are aspects that come to define us. Be sure to visit the rest of our models of mini leather bags.