customised initials

How can I add personalized initials to my leather product?

In our online store you can add personalized initials easily and simply. Here are the steps to follow in order to customize your products:

1.- Add the product you want to customize to the cart.

2.- Go to the customization section of the menu.

3.- Choose the type of engraving you want. (Only stamped, Gold or Nickel)

4.- Include the three initials in the text field, and wait a couple of seconds for the requested text to reload.

5.- Click on "add to cart".

Now you can go through checkout and pay for your custom product. You can check your shopping cart on the payment page.

* In case you have more than one product with personalized initials, we appreciate that you send an email to the email address [email protected]

Customizing your leather items has never been so easy.

Buying a leather accessory is not just buying just any item. Leather accessories are usually items that accompany us for many months and even years in our day to day. They are items that must be special given the amount of time they spend with us. There is no better way to make this unique leather accessory than to engrave your initials on it. Your leather wallet, your leather bag, your leather card holder or even your leather shoes can now be personalized in our factory quickly and easily.

Personalized leather keyrings and leather card holders.

Without a doubt, personalized leather card holders have been the star gift this Christmas. The truth is that giving a leather wallet on a special occasion has always been very helpful, however, at Monpiel we think that for a gift to be special it must be different and unique. For this reason, we offer a personalization service so that you can include the initials of the lucky person.

Leather bags with personalized initials.

Another of the star gifts of this year has been our collection bowling "Back to basics". Timeless products, which are part of the wardrobe and that walk alongside our slow-fashion philosophy. How could it be otherwise, we also offer the personalization and initial engraving service on almost all of our models. You can check the possibility of being engraved in the file of each product.

Types of initial engraving.

Currently we can customize almost all our leather accessories. The engraving is done manually by stamping and heat. We work at high temperature so that the customization lasts longer. In the same way, we also offer engraving in gold (golden) and nickel (silver) colors. The initials are 8mm tall. In order to adapt to the marking spaces, we generally personalize all articles with three initials without separating points or two initials with separating points.

Where leather articles are personalized.

In principle, there are countless sites where leather items can be personalized, although after many years of recording experience, we have located the most suitable places to record. For this reason, we generally personalize our products in the following way:

- Personalized Leather bags: On the front, vertical upper strip and horizontally centered.

- Personalized leather wallets: On the inside, left or right flap (depending on the model), at the bottom vertical, and centered horizontally on that flap.

- Personalized leather card holders: On the back, centered horizontally.

- Personalized leather keyrings: On the back, centered.

- Personalized leather purses: At the back, centered horizontally.

- Personalized leather belts: At the end of the end of the strap, so initials are displayed once it is placed.

Leather bag customised monogramming
Leather wallet customised initials