MONPIEL launches its new collection of leather bags and leather wallets for women. MONPIEL SOUL is a claim for the 21st century woman inspired by nature and aimed at you being the one who puts the soul in each of our pieces. Fill it with experiences and take it with you every day.

Next, we tell you what the key points of this collection are.

Timeless pieces

The inspiration for this collection has been basic tones focusing on the colors of nature: earth, sun, sea... timeless colors together with timeless designs. We have focused on leather bags with a medium/large size where you can carry everything you need in your day to day life: laptop, diary, sunglasses... and leather wallets that range from the large model with a zipper to the small zippered coin purse also ideal for storing your most important cards. For the design we have chosen something new and handmade with skins drawing braids and manual sewing. You can use your MONPIEL bag and wallet at any time of the year and thus give it a little more soul.

Sizes of bags and wallets adapted to you.

Each woman is different and has different needs in her day to day life, all of which is influenced by factors such as the type of work, the pace of life, being a mother or not, etc... For this reason and how we know that it is difficult to please so many needs, we have focused on medium/large sized bags in order to be able to transport what you need most without becoming an excessively large or heavy bag. They are very comfortable models and can even accompany you on your trips since you will always have space for the essentials. Flexible designs that adapt to your body and you can carry in your luggage in a comfortable and non-bulky way.

Premium soft and supple leather.

We have chosen a washed cowhide, a full or full grain leather to design our SOUL bags and wallets, this is the top layer of the skin, the outer layer, the one in contact with the outside. They are totally natural and ecological skins.

The easiest way to determine if the leather is full grain is by looking for scars and small blemishes, such as scratches; These natural imperfections are the hallmark of high-quality leather. This skin, over time, will develop a natural patina that will increase the beauty of the piece. Being grain leather and not having received any type of coating, you must take care of your piece from stains or humidity, although from our point of view these stains of use give your piece even more soul.

Here we leave you a brief summary of what our new MONPIEL SOUL collection is. Have you been wanting to know all the products of our new collection?? The best thing is that you go through our online store and take a look at everything we have to offer you, without a doubt you will not be able to leave without your piece!