bailarinas y merecedoras rosa marieta y charlotte

New Autumn/Winter Collection 22-23

On October 26 we traveled to Madrid to present our New Autumn/Winter Collection 22-23.

A collection inspired by contemporary architectural movements that give a modern air to timeless leather basics. Where the main protagonists were our most iconic leather bags, our dancers and merceditas and the Monpiel booties that day were the protagonists and were the eyes of all the guests. .

As we said, we had the pleasure of being able to move and present it in the iconic and spectacular restaurant "The Captain Club", inside the Iconhotels Wipton hotel on Jorge Juan Street in Madrid, in the emblematic Barrio de Salamanca.

A magical and welcoming space

The staging of the Colection f/w 22-23, was composed of a selection of the most emblematic products of the brand. 

To this appointment I do not miss any of the leather accessories that most represent Monpiel. From our most iconic bag, our leather cube bag as the newest addition to the large leather basket bag and the mini version.

Impossible to leave us that day behind a best seller of all seasons, coconut skin ankle boots, Marcela.

There was also no lack of new models in this event that shone and enchanted as the leather sneakers, Cosmos that for many girls were love at first sight.

The same happened with the Ameliè dancers, another classic in Monpiel but the new design in metallic color was a success, perfect for more special occasions or when you want to give an elegant touch but at the same time you want to go comfortable.

Bailiarina pala alta ángela

How a meeting of friends

All this was possible thanks to our right hand on this special day, the Rumor Communication Agency, created a brutal staging and made the protagonists of that afternoon, the accessories of Monpiel shine this day.

Finally, the day has come to meet many Monpiel girls!

We invite girls that we love and admire. Girls with whom the brand identifies and we have a lot of relationship.

That afternoon we had a spectacular time for the cozy atmosphere that was established and it was a pleasure to be able to share, talk and meet our Monpiel girls and that they knew from our hand how we work and what is the purpose under the Slow Fashion movement for which we work and our motivation to continue creating and designing leather accessories and accessories adapted to the current rhythm and lifestyle.

Slow fashion

Slow-fashion, products designed with soul and calm, a movement linked to responsible consumption.

At Monpiel, we have been united to this movement and style since the beginning. All items in the collection are created with soul and calm.

They are handmade products with natural skins, so there is none like another.

We care about offering durable products of high quality. Our designs are special and original. Combining natural leathers of the highest quality following fashion trends. 

Local artisans are those who work on each product with care making unique and unrepeatable pieces.

Mercedita charlotte axul metalizado

Infinite thanks for continuing to trust us!

It motivates us to continue working, creating and developing new products for you with all the enthusiasm in the world.