Leather is a very resistant and durable material, however, the friction of accessories made with this material and the years of life can deteriorate them. How to keep your leather accessories in perfect condition? Here are some maintenance and care tips that will allow your leather pieces to keep them in good condition longer and prolong their useful life.

  1. Store them in a cotton sleeve. In the case of leather accessories such as bags, a good option is to store them in a cover, mainly made of white cotton fabric, to prevent this fabric from fading due to humidity or heat. We can also choose this tip for other accessories such as wallets.
  2. Avoid moisture and direct sunlight. Store your accessories in dry places, avoiding both humidity and direct sunlight, since the leather can crack and lose its color.
  3. Fill your leather bags. If you are going to keep your bags for a long season, choose to empty them and fill them with onion leather  Never use newsprint or magazine papers as their ink often stains clothes.
  4. Avoid excess weight. This is especially important in leather bags. Loading them in excess makes the material suffer, and breaks or certain imperfections may appear, especially on the handle. The same happens with wallets or card holders, do not load them more than the account to avoid pressure on the leather  We remind you that at Monpiel we are pioneers in men's wallets and we have a wide variety of models that adapt to each type of person and need.
  5. Avoid rolling up leather belts. One of the main problems with leather belts is the appearance of folds. This occurs because they are usually stored rolled up and under pressure in our closet drawer. Never roll them up! So how do i do it It is best to choose a place to hang them and that they are always as stretched as possible. Putting some hooks behind the closet door or in some corner of our bedroom will be the best support to keep them in perfect condition.
  6. Cleaning tips. Daily maintenance of our leather supplement is important. Gently wipe a dry cotton cloth across the surface, without pressing too hard. But, how can we do if we have been wet by rain or stained when we go out?
    - If it gets wet it avoids any heat source, so no dryers or radiators. It is best to let it dry slowly, at room temperature, and keep the product the same way you want it to finish during the drying process. If, on the other hand, we dry the leather quickly with the help of an intense source of heat, it will change its chemical structure and end up stiff and wrinkled.
    - If the leather has become dirty or shows any stains, use a damp cloth. , avoiding soaps or vinegar. Subsequently, let it dry as explained above. For tough stains like feather ink or red wine, try using leather conditioning treatments specifically designed to remove the stain. Do not use leather dye or you will alter the color of the whole piece and it will never be the same.
  7. What do I do if the leather  dries out? Rub it with a cloth dampened with moisturizer, be sure to wipe it off first to avoid discoloration. Remember that they also sell specific products for leather treatment.

With these simple tips, you will surely keep your accessories or accessories leather in perfect condition. Still, keep in mind that the leather  are natural materials and that they are marked with the use and the passage of time; therefore, marks, leather imperfections or changes in color due to natural wear may appear.