The ballet flats are essentials in any wardrobe during autumn and winter, but... who says we can't keep wearing them in summer? However, it is better to leave behind the muted and dark colors. Better to turn everything around, with something more eye-catching... colors, metallic textures, new patterns...

For the most romantic girls: Manolita

The first idea is for our more romantic girls. It features a timeless ballet flat with a pointed toe, the Manolita ballet flat, which helps to elongate the leg, with a very coquettish little bow, in an ideal metallic tone. These are perfect to wear with more relaxed looks, like a breezy white dress, letting the ballet flats do the rest of the work by adding the touch that any outfit needs.

For the most classic: Ameliè

We must not forget the classics, those who prefer total elegance, playing it safe to never fail. This could be the perfect description for our Ameliè ballet flat, available in all heel heights; flat, medium heel, or high heel. Following the same classic pattern but incorporating innovation with its colors, or in the combination of the same, as can be seen in the two-tone.

For the trendsetters: Ángela Ballet Flats

Lastly, for the fashion pioneers, the Ángela ballet flat with a high vamp is perfect for pushing the balletcore style to the limit. This design breaks away from traditional lines and particularly shines with flared skirts and tops with little bows, maintaining consistency with the ballet fashion theme.