We sell belts online and we know that sometimes with sizes... it's complicated: some of us want a belt for a high waist, others for the hip or even to wear over a coat, so we've created an easy belt adjustment system to your preferred size.


If the belt is too small, the only option will be to exchange it, but if it's too big… take note of this advice:

NEVER make extra holes, it looks very ugly and it may not be done perfectly, which will lose the aesthetic!


Most of the time, we are not exactly one size and we find ourselves in between. That's why we always recommend adjusting it to your liking, it will be much quicker, easier, and more reliable than requesting a size change... and the best part? IT WILL FIT PERFECTLY! The adjustment will be just as if we did it ourselves in the workshop, so don't worry about not wanting to keep a "fixed" belt because that's not the case.

Want to adjust the belt to your liking?

It's very easy to adjust, we recommend going to a shoemaker who will do it in just 5 minutes, and at no cost, but if you prefer to do it at home, you just need to follow these steps:

You will need the following:

  • Regular scissors.
  • Tape measure to measure the distance to which you want to adjust the belt or an old belt that fits you perfectly.
  • Hole punch. (This is the tricky part for some)
  • Screwdriver, preferably Phillips head.

1. Locate and remove the screw

Start by locating the screw situated underneath the buckle of your belt. Use a screwdriver (preferably a Phillips head) to remove the screw, making sure not to lose it, as it will be needed to reassemble the buckle later.

2. Measuring the leather strip

Once the screw is removed, separate the leather strip from the belt. Measure the length you want your belt to have; you can compare it with other belts that fit you or directly measure your waist. Mark the spot where you need to cut, we recommend using sharp scissors to cut the strip, it should be a straight cut to maintain the belt's aesthetics.

3. Adjust to your liking

On the remaining leather strip, you will find the original hole where the screw is placed, use it as a reference to mark on the already cut strip where the new hole would be located. At this point, you will need a belt punch or you can go to a shoemaker to have the hole made for you.

4. Reassemble

Once you have the strip cut to your adjustment and with the new hole, it's time to reattach the buckle, just as we removed it. Align the new hole of the strip with the buckle, and place the screw that joins both parts. Tighten the screw well so that the buckle is firmly attached and the belt is secure and functional.

By following these steps, your belt will be adjusted to the perfect size without the need for additional holes.


If you're hesitant to follow our recommendation, you can go to the shoemaker and they will do it at no cost, or we can make an exchange without any problem, but remember that you might need an intermediate size and ultimately need the shoemaker to fix it.