The Hobo bag has become a "must have" in recent years . And it is that thanks to its design and size it is usually the perfect bag to complement a casual and practical look but at the same time stylish and elegant. So today we will tell you everything there is to know about this bag that has become the favorite of the year that has just ended and that is already pointing will continue to be number one in this one that is starting.

What Is it a Hobo bag?

The Hobo bag is a crescent-shaped bag held at each end by a strap that may or may not be adjustable. It is generally characterized by being a large bag made of soft and flexible materials such as leather or suede, which when worn hanging from the shoulder, tends to collapse and fold over itself. This makes it the quintessential accessory to give a casual touch to your look, making it a very popular bag to use every day.

This style of bag is called Hobo: tramp on English, because it resembles the shape of the homeless bags in the cartoons, where they have a crescent tied at both ends at the end of a stick.

Where and when does the Hobo Bag arise?

The word tramp emerged in American English and was first coined around 1890 by the term hoe-boy, which meant 'farmhand', or a greeting like "Ho, boy!" Lack of work during the Great Depression of the 1930s marked a huge increase in the number of people who wandered during the day with nothing to do. Many decided to travel for free using freight trains and try their luck elsewhere. They carried their belongings on a piece of cloth that was used as a bag or sack, which inspired the shape of today's hobo bag.

As the years passed, handbags soon became a symbol of status and luxury, leaving behind the “tramp” bag that was forgotten in the history of handbags. Instead, people opted for embroidered, stone-laden bags that flaunted sewing skills and wealth. It was only in the 1960s that the hippie movement began that hobo bags found their way back to fashion and were widely used by gypsies during the counterculture period.

The Hobo bag, the favorite of the past few years

It had been a while since the hobo bag was in the limelight. In recent decades, a sudden wave hit the fashion industry, where big bags were now trending. This marked the resurrection of the lazy Hobo bag.

At the Spring / Summer 2017 show, Chanel Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld introduced the Gabrielle Hobo bag. Gabrielle was not just another bag, but the launch of a full Chanel line. It was a design sensation, combining the slack of a hobo-style bag with a structural bottom, resulting in a contrasting silhouette that felt new and exciting. To achieve this elegant contrast, the bag was fitted to a rigid thermoformed base, and the body of the bag was crafted from lightweight, flexible quilted leather.

Other brands quickly stepped into the new trend. Madewell, Rebecca Minkoff, Bottega Veneta and Marc Jacobs presented their versions of the hobo bag. It was not long before celebrities from around the world will implement the new hobo bags that set trends on the catwalks in their look. And that's how in 2018 it became the favorite bag of many, and that is, how many bags can make you look casual and elegant at the same time?

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Hobo bags have evolved elegantly and have gone from being a fabric tied to a stick to a bag that points out that in 2024 it will lead sales and become the undisputed favorite. The shapes, materials and sizes of the hobo have transcended from a basic large bag used by globetrotters to carry essentials, to sophisticated bags of all fabrics, textures and colors. Still, the black hobo bag continues to take the number one spot. At Monpiel we have designed the Life model for you, a classic leather Hobo bag with a fun twist so you can use it every day and give a sophisticated and modern touch to your look. As always it is made of the highest quality leather so that it lasts a lifetime.