The espadrille shoes are a comfortable and versatile footwear that has become a fashion classic. Besides their comfort, one of the most notable features of espadrilles is the variety of ways they can be tied. In this case, we present to you four different ways to tie your espadrilles, so you can add a touch of style and personality to your outfits.

Discover how to wear your espadrilles in a unique and original way!

4 Ways to Tie Your Espadrilles

1. Ankle Knot

The ankle knot is a classic and elegant way to tie your espadrilles. To achieve this style, start by wrapping the lace around your ankle, from the inside out. Then, cross the ends of the lace and tie them in a tight knot. This style is ideal for highlighting your legs and adding a feminine touch to your summer outfits, and it's a great way to tie the Salina Strap Wedge Espadrille. Pair them with skirts or dresses for a fresh and sophisticated look.

2. Front Bow

If you're looking for a more laid-back and fun style, opt for the front bow. In this case, instead of tying the espadrilles around the ankle, simply tie a bow at the front of the shoe. You can play with the length of the bow ends, either leaving them long and loose, or tying them in a smaller, more discreet bow. This option is perfect for casual and relaxed looks, such as jeans and blouses or flowing skirts, try it with the Elba Wedge Espadrille.

3. Crossed Wrap

If you want a more elaborate and original style, try the crossed wrap tie. Start by wrapping the lace around your ankle, crossing it over the front of your leg and back towards the heel. Then, bring the ends of the lace up and wrap them around your leg, creating a crisscross pattern. Finally, tie the ends at the back or side of your leg. This style will give your outfits a bohemian and avant-garde touch, perfect for the Creta Toe Cap Wedge Espadrille, a fail-safe for casual events.

4. Caviglia dentro il laccio, il trucco più virale

To achieve maximum comfort and a unique and timeless look, the first thing to do is to take the espadrille lace from the back and bring it to the front. Once this change of straps is made, insert the corresponding foot through the circle formed by the lacing and adjust it well to the ankle. It is important not to forget that the first cross should go forward to prevent them from falling off, then cross it back again and so on until the lacing is complete.

An expert tip is to make sure all the straps are at the same height to create an optical effect that stylizes the leg more. And finally, tie a bow on the side! Try it with the Nácar Wedge Espadrille.

Espadrille Shoes: MONPIEL's “Best Seller” Models

Esparilles are a versatile footwear that adapts to different styles and occasions. With these four ways to tie your espadrilles, you can add a touch of originality and style to your daily looks. Whether opting for an elegant ankle knot, a casual front bow, or a crossed wrap tie, your espadrilles will become a striking and unique element in your outfits.

Which is your favorite MONPIEL espadrille to practice these ties?