When was the last time you changed your leather wallet? 2 years, 5 ?! Yes, it probably has been a long time ago, and it is that leather wallets last an eternity .

They are that type of leather accessory that you will use daily for years and that is why Choosing the perfect leather wallet is very important for every man. So to make the right choice, the first thing we must ask ourselves is what use we will give it.

Think what things you absolutely need to carry in your wallet , yes, I know, it sounds As a basic exercise, but it is really the best way to really know what is essential and what is in your wallet, just in case. So empty your current wallet and put all the things on the table. Do you really need the library card that you have not used once in the last 5 years? And what about the old receipts that have even faded for so long that they have been there ... Cutting the volume to only what is necessary will give you more freedom of choice and allow you to opt for a slimmer design that bulges less in your pocket of your pants.

Minimalist men's leather wallets

If you are a true minimalist then the model Slim by Monpiel is perfect for you. Here you can carry not only your money but up to 10 cards, which if you think about it is enough. How many cards do you really need? Even more so now that we can even pay with our mobile.

If you like to carry only the essentials but need an extra point, our american leather wallet is one of the top sellers. Not only is it spacious and slim at the same time, but its elegant and timeless design makes it a favorite of our clients and also of our team. This wallet is the one I actually use and is just perfect. It also looks good whether you are dressed more formal with a suit or totally casual in jeans and a T-shirt. It also adapts to what you carry, that is, if you carry it with only the minimum, it is very fine and nothing bulky, but it has the capacity to carry more things if you ever need to.

Leather wallet with purse for those who need a little more space

Now be honest, just because you want to be a minimalist doesn't mean you are. If you are actually one of the people who likes to carry coins or who needs to carry receipts on them, then better opt for a more complete model such as wallet with Lago leather purse . With it you will get that extra space so that you can carry everything you need when you need it. The important thing is to know what we need so that the wallet we choose is a solution and our best ally.

Men's leather card holder, minimum space, maximum storage

Another of our best-selling models. Every day more men go from the wallet to the cardholder, and it is that we almost no longer carry cash on us. Almost everything is paid by card today. The good thing about our leather cardholder is It also includes a central compartment where you can put the folded bills. So it is still functional to carry some cash with you, just what you need in case you need it. It does not occupy anything, nor bulky, perfect to carry it in your pants pocket and that I went almost completely unnoticed.

Color, design and quality leather above all

In addition to the functionality, obviously the most important thing is the quality of your wallet. This is why men's leather wallets are and always will be the number one choice for the vast majority of the male population. Do you remember the beginning of the post when I asked you how long ago you had your wallet? And it is that good quality leather lasts and lasts, and not only that, over time it becomes even more striking and unique. And that is why the quality of the leather is so important, a good leather will age like a good wine. In addition to the material, the elaboration also plays an important role, the seams, the art with which it is made. Our master craftsmen work leather accessories with care and precision.

And finally the design and the variety of colors. If there is something that we can assure you is that you will find in our online store the leather wallet whatever you have in mind, we have dozens of models, shapes and colors for all tastes. We don't know how, but our creative design team continues to have fresh but timeless new ideas constantly to create new portfolios and add to our already extensive portfolio of options. You do not believe me? Visit our category of leather wallets and find your new partner.