round bucket bag

Brown leather bags: discover why they will be the kings of your outfit!

We bet on the slowfashion movement, more and more of you are thinking about investing in quality basics that highlights all the looks and last for years in perfect condition, betting on a good leather bag is investing in quality and sustainability.

If you are a cautious girl you will know that having a good leather bag is to ensure the perfect mix and match to make a look to the purest streestyle.

Discover why getting one of our leather basics is a sure hit!

Brown leather bag, the most versatile and easy to combine

When we think of a brown leather bag, the first thing we think of is the typical leather bag in basic brown, sober, boring that does not catch our attention and that goes unnoticed by our sight. But this is a thing of the past and Monpiel brings you the proof.

Our leather bags have left that sober and boring line and we have redesigned them. We have created several models that fit every day to your wishes and needs, practical, original quality and versatile leather bags.

On our website, you can find endless models according to your needs, tastes and type of occasion. You just have to find out what type of bag is the one that defines you the most.

mini leather basket bag

Different shades, different possibilities: brown, terracottas, camel, suede bags...

It's time to choose!

As you have seen on our website we have a wide variety of models and each Monpiel is totally different from each other.

You can find from the classic and iconic round Bucket bag in Habana color, to this same leather bag with split leather, perfect for this autumn-winter.

And without forgetting the mini version! If you are an all-terrain girl and your days are non-stop, you need to take everything to the office, your lifestyle needs our basket, it is a basic brown leather bag that fits you and your day to day. Do you have a date or is the occasion something more special? You need a Monpiel in mini size!

Here there is to choose if you like the most elegant and sophisticated as our armed leather bag, perfect and comfortable to carry it hand as on the shoulder, or if that night you go for a walk and you only need to carry mobile, keys and the leather card holder the nano leather bag, it is perfect, you will be surprised how comfortable and practical it is to carry your most personal items!

As you can see, in our category of bags you can find a wide variety of shades and models of leather bags, all handmade, one by one and handcrafted perfect for any time, occasion and look.

Basic Shoulder Bag

The brown leather bag is a must-have, a wardrobe background for life

For fashionista girls like you... we know that a leather accessory, such as a good bag, is never enough and that is that one of the tips that many stylish girls give us is:

"To build a good wardrobe, it is essential to have not only basics such as blazers, jeans, suits... You also have to know how to invest in a good leather bag that will save you on more than one occasion and more than one look."

Combine it with any outfit, from a beach look to a jean and white t-shirt

Now seeing the infinite possibilities and combinations that brown leather bags have you had not thought until now that in your wardrobe you can not miss one of our leather bags. We insist on the idea that a basic brown leather bag any look and best of all is its timelessness. It doesn't matter if it's summer or winter, it always looks good.

They are also very combinable and look great with the outfits of a Monday in which the inspiration has not yet risen and is not on your side.

For this and a thousand other reasons that we could give you, adding a basic leather bag to your wishlist or getting a basic one as a whim from time to time is a total success.

Basic Shoulder Bag